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Digicom Services Inc. brings you high-speed internet from Exede

Exede from Digicom Services Inc., Tennille, GA

Exede from Digicom Services Inc. represents the next generation of rural internet. Owing to ViaSat's revolutionary technology, the company that brought WildBlue to the world, Exede comes out on top of the online game, topping all that anyone expects from a satellite Internet supplier. Download HD films with greater clarity, as well manage the transmission of more sizable pictures and faster e-mail messages. Thanks to its high quality technology, Exede makes it possible for everyone in rural locations to obtain the services they pay for.

High Speed Satellite Internet

There are different package options you can choose from based on your internet needs and your budget. For just $49.99, we offer a monthly bandwidth of 10GB. Those who use the Internet for only the most basic reasons, including reading up on recent news events, transmitting e-mails to loved ones and researching various topics, will absolutely adore this plan. For just $79.99 you can double your bandwidth to 15GB and experience a better, faster internet with more options than emails, research and surfing the web. This package is the most commonly used plan, for those who do heavy web surfing through sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc. The final plan we offer provides you with 25GB with the highest, best and fastest quality that satellite internet can provide you for just $129.99 per month. It is most commonly preferred by families whose members access the net throughout the day from multiple computers, or for those who manage large files and online streaming. Our plans guarantee the same excellence and support that ViaSat has always given its customers.

HughesNet - An Alternative

HughesNet, a satellite broadband choice hosted by Dish Network, hosts similar plans that come complete with a coterie of rules and regulations. This system reaches a top level of 250MB daily, disallowing customers from getting the most from the Internet and its media rich content. Despite these restrictions, HughesNet is still pushing as it researches new forms of satellite broadband internet.

Cable Internet

Cable-based online services like Time Warner, Cox and Comcast restrict customers to a single provider and certain geographical sites where their high speed internet cables operate. Anyone living in remote areas cannot have cable internet because their providers and services simply can't reach that far. Many people still use this form of internet as it provides quick download and upload speeds.

Google Fiber & Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber employ a relatively recent technological implementation. Light pipes instead of traditional cable wiring. Fiber optic cable has the potential to provide enormous speeds to its users, limited only by the ISP. However, fiber optic is a relatively new technology that has not made itself readily available to millions of people, many of those in rural areas that would benefit from satellite based wireless internet.

The Inside Scoop

This new technology is now available to anyone, anywhere, since its launch in early 2012. Exede from Viasat offers the best of both worlds: a solid internet connection with satellite reliability in rural areas otherwise limited to DSL and other dial up connections. By utilizing the Ka band (an upgrade from the Ku band that providers like Hughesnet uses), ViaSat 1 offers much higher bandwidth and speed so you can surf as well as those with cable.

This stunning mixture of superior Internet technology has been melded and perfected to supply an unbeatable online experience. Say sayonara to your old providers and get acquainted with Exede's impeccable internet service in Tennille, GA from Digicom Services Inc..